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Legal Advice: What to do when you win the lottery?

So, you’ve just hit the lottery jackpot and your life’s about to change (in a big way) forever! The press is calling you non–stop for interviews and your photo, holding that massive cheque, is in every newspaper. At this stage, you’re most probably getting bombarded with calls from family and friends (and their friends too!)

‘First buys’ of some lotto winners after winning the jackpot

So, you've just won the lotto, what is the first thing you buy? A second-hand car, a tumble-dryer, a new outfit for work? Not the first items of purchase that come to your mind if you win the €307 million Euros in tonight’s SuperEna Max? That’s ok, it’s probably not the ‘first-buy’ for many people but these are actual items some lottery winners purchased just after they hit it big! 

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