11 superstitions people use to increase their luck when buying a lottery ticket.

“If you build it they will come”. This concept is intended to work for just about anything in life.

The idea is that if you believe in something strongly enough, it’ll become a reality. But many people like to add a little something extra into the pot. Lotto players often add little superstitions or mental tricks that will give positive thinking that little extra boost.

We’re all familiar with lottery numbers using special dates like birthdays, anniversaries and the like. But have you ever wondered what other lucky ‘tricks’ people use to add that extra dash if luck to their lottery ticket purchase. Some people go to extraordinary lengths to make sure their ticket is ‘The One’.

Here are 11 of some quite common ones that may come as a surprise:

1. Enter the shop where you buy your ticket with your left foot
2. Ask the clerk to give you the lottery ticket with his / her right hand
3. Carry a good luck charm when buying your tickets
4. Use numbers or numbers of images from a dream
5. Use a pair of dice to decide your numbers
6. Wear an upside down pin on the inside of your collar when buying your tickets
7. Wear clothing of a specific colour, commonly red, when buying your tickets
8. Put a silver coin in your shoe when you buy your tickets
9. Buy another item with your tickets at the shop
10. Use the number from the petrol pump when you fill up
11. Ask a bride to choose the numbers for you

Bonus Method
In this digital age of buying tickets online, some of the above tricks may not be possible, so people have come up with new ways to fit in with the digital age.

12. Check the time on your computer when buying your tickets and use the numbers in your pick.

Maybe today’s your day, so pick your favourite method above and see if it does the trick at fatcatlottos.com. Some jackpots are standing at:

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Best of luck,
The FatCatLottos Team

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Posted by Michael (22/11/2016)

That's pretty cool.

Posted by Colibre (23/11/2016)

Those are super cool tricks** Dont forget to believe**

Posted by Michael (24/11/2016)

some sound cool

Posted by Colibre (24/11/2016)

Some people also use a horseshoe** Lol pretty cool**

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