What are the odds?!

A new super computer that was switched on this week has shown that this week’s winning Powerball numbers will be: 34 12 2 18....

Just kidding, those are just some random numbers that came from a fortune cookie.  Not to say those numbers are a bad choice, but we all know that winning the lottery is supposed to be a game of chance. Yet, the funny thing is, someone always seems to get it right every week.

Even though the odds might sound, well, odd, every week there are not just one, but often many winners who get the numbers right. Of course there are times when there’ll be a gap of winners and jackpots will rollover, but there’s always a winner within a week or two.

This is just one of those scenarios where the maths, although correct, just doesn’t seem to be applying itself. Maybe there’s a little bit of magic involved or maybe the universe just isn’t that interested in being mathematically correct. Whatever the reason and however the ‘magic’ works, the truth is that people win, and every single draw, every single player has exactly the same chances of being that winner. 

And if you think it’s incredible to hit the lucky numbers once, consider the fact that there are numerous people who have managed to get the lottery numbers right twice! How do you explain that!

So although the maths says one thing, the reality of it is that anything is possible and if there’s one thing every person has experienced at one point or another in their life, sometimes things just happen that make you say “What are the odds?”

So with the power of knowledge (and the same chance of being that big winner as anyone else), there’s no better time to play the lotto than today at FatCat Lottos!

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Posted by Colibre (7/12/2016)

May the odds ever be in your favour.

Posted by Sonja (10/12/2016)

May the odds point in my direction tonight

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