Super Rugby Competition

Are you always “on the money” when it comes to predicting the outcome of a big game? 

Well, with the Super Rugby semi-final this Saturday, 29 July, we thought it would be a great opportunity to see just how ‘on-point’ your predictions are and give you the chance to win 40 FREE SuperEna Max tickets! 

Who will it be?

Crusaders v Chiefs – 09:35

Lions v Hurricanes – 14:30

Competition Info:

To qualify for the competition, you must purchase 5 or more tickets for the Mega Millions draw on Friday, 28 July, OR 5 or more tickets for the US Powerball on Saturday, 29 July. 


Predict the winning team and their margin of victory in BOTH GAMES and win 40 FREE SuperEna Max tickets (10 per week over a 4-week period)

Predict the winner and their margin of victory in ONE GAME and win 5 FREE SuperEna Max tickets

How to Play:

Enter the name of your winning team followed by a space and the number of points you think they will win by.


If you think the Lions will win by 3 points, in the comments section, you type: Lions 3

If you think the Crusaders will win by 7 points, you type: Crusaders 7

Competition Rules: 

Comments must be submitted before kick-off times. Comments submitted after kick-off will not be eligible. 

One entry per player, per game prediction – in the event of more than one prediction submitted, per game, the first comment will qualify as your final prediction.

Please allow for at least 24 hours for your comments to be approved and to appear on the website. 

Only entries displaying the prediction as per examples provided will be considered.

Entries for Crusaders v Chiefs predictions close at 09:35 on Saturday, 29 July.

Entries for Lions v Hurricanes predictions close at 14:30 on Saturday, 29 July.

**This competition is closed**

Unfortunately, no-one predicted  the winning team with the correct margin of victory in either game. 

The results were: 

Crusaders won by 14 points againts the Chiefs (27-13)

Lions won by 15 points against the Hurricanes (44-29)

Thank you to everyone who participated! 

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Richard Bailey - who has written 57 articles

Posted by Justin (27/07/2017)

Crusaders by 12 Hurricanes by 9

Posted by Justin (27/07/2017)

Crusaders by 12 Lions by 5

Posted by Graham (27/07/2017)

Crusaders by 9 Hurricane s by 13

Posted by Bernard (27/07/2017)

Crusaders by 24 Hurricanes by 12

Posted by Ryan (28/07/2017)

Crusaders by 6, Hurricanes by 6

Posted by SARMARAJ (29/07/2017)

Crusaders by 7 Lions by 5

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