The million dollar question: How to up your odds of hitting the jackpot?

Many lottery players have their own rituals or habits when it comes to playing the lottery and trying to increase their odds of winning the jackpot. Although it is near impossible to forecast the numbers in a lottery draw, there are some pretty nifty tricks you could use to up your chances of hitting the big time!

Check out these tips to consider when playing any international lottery:

Start a lottery pool

Consider setting up a lottery pool with a group of friends or colleagues. Each person in the pool contributes a portion of the purchase and collectively, you can buy a stack of lottery tickets. Consequently, this gives you more chances of hitting that jackpot – neat, hey?

It should come as no surprise, therefore, that most of the largest world lottery jackpots have been won by syndicates or pools buying group lottery tickets.

Know the usual suspects

Did you know that since the UK National Lottery was established, in 1994, the top six numbers to pop up in every draw were 23, 40, 44, 38, 30 and 33. Although there is no mathematics behind this, playing one or all of these numbers in any international lottery is worth a shot - C’mon, try it.

Stick to your guns

Know your lucky numbers and stick to them. It would suck to see your favourite numbers in a draw the only time you decide to play a different combination. So, the key is to keep it constant!

There are 14 international lotteries on FatCatLottos to try out one or all of these tips. Go on, try them out and your name could be be added to the long list of international lottery winners.

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