‘First buys’ of some lotto winners after winning the jackpot

So, you've just won the lotto, what is the first thing you buy? A second-hand car, a tumble-dryer, a new outfit for work? Not the first items of purchase that come to your mind if you win the €307 million Euros in tonight’s SuperEna Max? That’s ok, it’s probably not the ‘first-buy’ for many people but these are actual items some lottery winners purchased just after they hit it big! 

Used over New

Simon Fagan, from County Louth in Ireland, who bagged a cool £3.5 million in the EuroMillions lottery, splashed out on a second-hand car with nearly 150,000 miles on the clock. Fagan explained later that he did not know how to drive before he came into his winnings. He told media that his unusual purchase was made so that he could learn how to drive.  

A win that sinks in

The first item that John Baxter from North Hertfordshire, England, spent his £1m prize on, was a gift for his wife. After realising he had won, Baxter bought a £9.99 pair of slippers for his wife, from Tesco, a retail chain store in the UK. He also vowed to buy his wife a stainless steel sink that she’d always wanted.

When  asked about the slippers, he told the local press, at the time, that he couldn't think of anything else he really needed. 

Far from ‘being hung out to dry’

From Dumfries in Scotland, Barry and Roberta Little splashed out on a tumble dryer when they scooped £1m, also on the EuroMillions lottery. Since then the couple have purchased a house worth a quarter of a million pounds, went on holiday to Disneyland and bought a fancy flat-screen television set.

That’s Power(suit)

The first thing that Anette Dawson splurged on when she won a million pounds was a £30 power suit. Taking the word ‘power suit’ to a whole new level, it was actually American businesswoman, Barbara Corcoran, who said spending her first commission check on a new coat was the best thing she ever did because it made her feel more powerful. Corcoran spent her first commission check of $360 on a new coat.  

Best of luck!

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