Millions in lotto wins go unclaimed every day!

With big jackpots commanding international attention, it’s not surprising then that big jackpot winners are often propelled onto the global stage due to the media frenzy that ensues after the win is announced. 


But have you thought about the millions in unclaimed lottery wins that are still out there? Every week, in the United Kingdom alone, it is believed that approximately £2 million in lottery winnings never get claimed. Globally, according to a recent report, there is an estimated £1.4 billion in winnings that has not been claimed since 1994.

How does this happen?

We can think of a few reasons why winning tickets can slip through unnoticed:

Scratch card lotteries: These lotteries are not always the most straightforward games to play and understand. Sometimes players don’t realise that they’ve won.

Lottery outlets: Players rely on the store manager, where they bought the ticket from, to check their tickets for a win. If the manager or clerk is not operating the terminal correctly, a winning lottery ticket can go undetected.

Tech challenges: The terminal where the ticket was issued may be faulty.

Human error: Most players simply forget to check their ticket until it’s too late!

Human error...again: Very commonly, lottery players lose their tickets after buying them.


Advantages of playing online lottery

When you play online at FatCatLottos, you never have to worry about losing a ticket. 

When you buy tickets for any of the international lotteries at FatCatLottos, your transaction history is readily available anytime. 

For instance, if you’re logged in to your account and hover over your name - your unclaimed winnings are clearly represented. 

If you click on MY ACCOUNT and go to Transaction History, all your picks and winning numbers for each draw you entered are just a click away.

Best of luck,

The FatCatLottos Team

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