Putting the EERIE in Lott-EERRIE

With Halloween around the corner, we felt like sharing some spooky lottery stories to get you in the mood for the scariest day of the year. 

Many lottery winners have been quoted saying, they felt as though their luck alone didn’t get them the win, but rather some higher power or  spiritual guidance from loved ones lost that had something to do with their wins.

Counting your blessings

In 2005, the year Pope John Paul II died; a man from Lecce, Italy, played the lotto with numbers related to the late Pope - year he became Pope, 19, 78, for the number of years in service, 26, and his age at the time of his demise, 85. The man who did not want to be identified, won approximately £3 million in the SuperEnaLotto.

Sweet dreams

Many people use their dreams to interpret lotto numbers, but for one player, she actually dreamt about her numbers. 

In 2006, Canadian Mary Wollens, had a glimpse of the winning numbers in her dream and was lucky enough to remember them when she woke up. The next day she bought, not one, but two tickets and scooped two-thirds of the jackpot, totaling $16 million.

Another player dreamt he had won the EuroMillions jackpot and he actually did!  

A waiter, Fatih “The Psychic Waiter” Ozca, at a Turkish restaurant in York, dreamt of winning EuroMillions, specifically. He managed to convince his boss to buy him a ticket and later that ticket was worth £1 million!

After a long battle of who owned the ticket, a court ordered that the winnings be split between the two..

Striking it lucky...TWICE!

Being struck by lightning and winning the lottery! Both nearly impossible odds, one would think, but not for Peter McCathie. 

Peter was struck by lightning as a teenager and survived to tell the tale. A couple of years later, he and a colleague struck it big and won $1 million!  

Death defying act

Bill Morgan suffered a heart attack and spent 12 days in a coma, before he was pronounced clinically dead. By what can only be described as a miracle, he woke up.  

Making the most of his second chance, he proposed to his long-time girlfriend, Lisa Wells. 

But the story doesn’t end there, he went on to win a luxury car, valued at $17,000, which he won in a scratch card lottery game. As if things couldn’t get any better for Bill, later that same year, he won $250,000 in another scratch card lottery.

How’s that for beating the odds? 

Best of Luck!

The FatCatLottos Team

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