Lucky in Love

With Valentine’s Day upon us, it got us thinking about the odds of finding “the one” vs your chances of winning the lottery. While we ponder on that thought, we found some lotto winners who got lucky...very lucky...on the most romantic of the year. 

Mega Love Blooms

A trip to get flowers for his wife on Valentine’s Day, in 2012, blossomed into a life-changing experience for William Deluca.

Deluca, 65, went to buy flowers for his wife of 41 years because he thought it would make her happy. With flowers in hand, he stepped next door, where he purchased his weekly lottery tickets, to check the tickets from the previous draw. He said he knew he won something but wasn’t sure whether it was $3,000, $300,000 or $3 million. He went straight home and had his wife check the numbers online. When he heard his wife screaming, he knew that he had won the $3.4 million Mega Millions jackpot. Deluca continued to work at his construction maintenance job and said he would use the prize money as a pension. 

It’s a win-win

When Rodney Reed’s wife went shopping for him for Valentine’s Day, she decided that the best gift for her husband was a lottery scratch card. 

One single lottery ticket, purchased as a gesture of love, made the Reeds $650,000 richer. Needless to say Rodney was very pleased with his Valentine that year. 

The couple decided to celebrated their newfound fortune by throwing a celebratory Valentine’s dinner for the whole family.

Scratching for love

Last year, a couple from Oakley, San Francisco also got lucky on the most romantic day of the year.  Zenophon Williams scored big time when he stopped at a petrol station to get his wife a $10 lottery ticket as a Valentine’s gift. 

The Mystery Crossword ticket turned out to be a total game-changer for the couple, as it was worth $750,000!

You can also score big time this Valentine’s Day at FatCatLottos. Imagine what you could do for the person you love if you scooped tonight’s US Powerball jackpot sitting at an estimated $203 million? 

Best of luck,

The FatCatLottos Team

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