Pssst. Playing the Lottery? Here’s 5 secret tips

We can’t help you pick the winning lotto numbers, but we can give you some tips from the horse's mouth that might improve your odds. Here are 5 tips for playing lotto to win!







1.    Play the right games

At we’ve not only chosen the biggest lotteries from around the world for you to play, but also some of the most successful in terms of winning odds for players. For example, the odds of winning the jackpot with 1 line in EuroJackpot are about 1 in 95,344,200, one of the lowest of any major lottery worldwide.

2.    Use lottery pools (also known as syndicates or group play)

Improve your odds by buying more lottery tickets without spending more. This can be done by pooling your bets. This way, players get together and buy lottery tickets as a group. If anyone wins, the lottery winnings are shared amongst all the players. If you can’t find players close by, it’s easy to join one of these syndicates online with a lottery website like

3.    Don’t miss a lottery win

This may sound obvious, but countless winning lottery numbers have gone unclaimed over the years. Perhaps the players never checked their lotto ticket numbers, forgot about their ticket, lost their ticket, or made a mistake checking their numbers. Who knows? When you play with a lottery messenger service like however, everything is taken care of, you can’t lose your lotto ticket and you won’t miss out on a winning lotto payout.

4.    Check your own numbers

Sounds simple enough, but there have been horror stories before of players getting friends or family or even the clerk at a lottery location to check the numbers, who then report that they haven’t won. Only thing is, sometimes some of those clerks, friends or family members seem to have come into a lot of money shortly after that. Coincidence, I wonder. Just for security, make sure your lottery ticket is safe and you personally check it. Or use a service like, where all your entries and lotto winnings are confidential and linked to your personal account.

5.    Be consistent


Imagine having the winning lotto numbers for a multi-million dollar jackpot and then remembering you never played this week! If you go into a store to play, you’ll need to do it every week, sometimes more than once a week and it’s easy to miss a lotto draw or forget. Using an online service like, means you can buy lotto tickets ahead of time for draws, meaning you’ll know your winning lottery numbers are covered every time. Just in case!

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