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Feet tapping. Awkward stances. Bored expressions. If you were ever in a queue at a government institution, in line for lunch at the office cafeteria or waiting your turn at a supermarket till point, then you know that standing in a queue can be an excruciating experience. But for one lottery winner, standing in line was just where he needed to be.



The most recent Powerball jackpot winner, who wished to remain anonymous, would have lost out on millions if it wasn’t for his wife who persuaded him to bite the bullet and stand in line.  

According to 1 News Now, the lucky man’s wife was quoted saying, "He was getting a bit impatient and wanted to head back to the house, but I wouldn't let him. After all, what's another couple of minutes?" Well, those couple of minutes were all it took for their lives to change forever.

Thanks to the man’s loving (and obviously patient) wife the couple, from Australia, walked away with a massive $12 million Powerball ticket. The lucky winner was on holiday in Wanaka, New Zealand, celebrating his birthday.

According to reports, their evening started off with modest plans for a quiet dinner.

“We just wanted a quiet night in to celebrate my birthday with our friends, so went to New World to pick up something special for dinner – lamb and a salad," the man told the NZ Herald.

The couple said they would spend some of the money on a family trip to Japan for the Rugby World Cup next year, since they’re both fans of the sport.

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